Hello and welcome!

I’m a UK journalist who moved to Valencia in 2015. After living in Huesca in the north of Spain for 11 years, my Valencian husband decided it was time to move back to the land of paella, fallas and horchata, so we upped sticks and headed south. Since then I’ve learnt a fair bit about my new homeland, I’ve made a couple of fallera outfits and even studied the local language Valencià, although there’s still a lot of work left to do there.

The Valencia Report is an English-language website which aims to cover the main news stories happening in the Comunidad Valenciana, the region which includes the provinces of Castellón, Alicante and of course Valencia. It has the largest number of British nationals in any part of Europe, outside Britain, as well as a huge number of English speakers from around the world, so I hope you’ll find the site informative and interesting.

If you have any stories which you think other people might like to hear about or which need investigation, please get in touch.

I hope you enjoy the site,


Mascletà in Plaza del Ayuntamiento, March 2020