Bull put down after plunging 10m over wall.

TAUROMAQUÍA is once again in the spotlight after a bull that jumped 10 metres from a bridge had to be killed due to its injuries.

The moment the bull jumped over the wall, taken from a video on Twitter

According to reports in Las Provincias, the bull, named Viciosa, was being run through the streets of Ontinyent during the town’s fiestas last Saturday (29 April) when, instead of turning and following the route along the road, he saw a low wall and jumped over it, unaware of the 10m drop the other side.

The animal, whose injuries from the fall included broken legs, was attended by vets who sedated him and took the decision to put him to sleep.

Tauromaquía refers to bullfighting but covers all bull-related activities, such as running with bulls and the custom of putting lit fireworks on their horns while they are tied up.

The Valencian town of Ontinyent was celebrating its Bous de les Penyes festival, which includes an event, Bous en Corda, where bulls are led through the streets at high speed but controlled by ropes tied to their horns. According to reports, the bull involved in Sunday’s incident had loosened his rope which dragged along the ground behind him.

President of the Federation of Peñas de Bous al Carrer, an organisation of different bull-running groups, Germán Zaragoza, told Las Provincias: “It is simply an unfortunate accident which does not usually happen. The bull was coming down very fast and jumped without seeing what was behind the wall. And, if I am not mistaken, the veterinary service acted quickly to sedate it”.

Meanwhile, on social media there has been a harsh backlash with many on Twitter questioning why these “barbaric” activities are still taking place in 2023, while others comment that these events should not be subsidised by local councils.

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