School admissions dates published

THE dates of the admissions process for the 2023-2024 school year have been published by the Valencia regional government and anyone wanting to change their child’s school or enroll their infant for the first time should take note.

Applications to Infant and Primary schools should be made from 20 to 28 April, while Secondary and Bachillerato applications need to be submitted from 4 to 12 May.

The application process for places at government-funded schools, which this year will be carried out entirely online, will be via the platform.

Admissions process dates for 2023-2024 NEOSIAM 2021 on Pexels

Infants and Primary

The admission procedure is especially important for families enrolling their children in the 3-year-old, infant classes or in the free 2-year-old classrooms at Primary and Nursery schools owned by the Generalitat Valenciana. In the school admission for 2023-2024 academic year, children born in 2021 will be eligible for places in the 2-year old nursery school classes, and those born in 2020 will be eligible for places in the 3-year old infant school classes.

  • Applications: 20 April to 28 April
  • Definitive lists published of those admitted: 14 June
  • Online enrolment period: 14 June until 30 June
  • In-person enrolment period: 22 June until 5 July


  • Applications: 4 May to 12 May
  • Definitive lists published of those admitted: 19 July
  • Online enrolment period: 19 July until 24 July
  • In-person enrolment period: 20 July until 25 July


  • Applications: 4 May to 12 May
  • Definitive lists published of those admitted: 24 July
  • Online enrolment period: 24 July until 27 July
  • In-person enrolment period: 25 July until 28 July

When families apply for places they should give as much of the requested information as possible, such as place of residence, location of parents’ workplace, siblings at the school etc… as the information will be used to calculate the ranking and allocate places, The main route for applying is online, through the website where all available places will be shown and tutorials will guide parents through the admissions process.

However, those families who need help, or don’t have access to the internet, can go to the school where they wish to enroll their child and carry out the online application there.

The education department is currently working on updating the site to have it up and running in time for the admissions period.

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