Driving licence breakthrough

AFTER months of waiting, UK licence holders resident in Spain can now drive again following an agreement approved by the Spanish cabinet, the Consejo de Ministros, on Tuesday.

Under the new agreement, UK residents now have six months to exchange their UK licence for a Spanish one without the need to take a driving test.

In a video posted on the British Embassy Facebook page, the UK ambassador, Hugh Elliott, expladvised residents to exchange their licenses as soon as possible, He explained: “Once the booking system is available through the DGT, the Spanish Traffic Department, make an appointment with a Jefatura or Oficina de Trafico to do the exchange.” He added: “If you haven’t already, you may want to get your psicotécnico test done”.

He said that the test needs to be done before the appointment takes place. He continued: “We’ve been told by the DGT that you’ll be able to find out more information on the detailed steps you need to take on their website.

He clarified: “If you don’t exchange within the six-month window, you won’t be able to drive any more using your UK license but you will still be able to exchange your UK licence after that time without taking the Spanish test.”

He said that the DGT would soon have more information about the process on their website and that the British Embassy was planning a Facebook Live session later this month to answer questions.

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