Enjoy a mini-break in the Valencia Region subsidised by the government.

THE first 6,000 subsidised trips offered by the Valencian government for 2023 will be published on Monday, 16 January, it was announced on Saturday.

Regional president Ximo Puig, made the announcement about this year’s Bono Viaje during an interview at the VII SER Viajeros Tourism Awards in Cullera.

A village featured in the government’s Ruta 99 campaign (GVA)

The Bono Viatge or Bono Viaje was introduced by the Valencian government following lockdown, as a way of stimulating tourism demand in the region, encouraging those resident in the Comunudad Valenciana to explore places close to home, especially towns and villages inland.

The Valencia Region has a strong tourism sector during the summer months, with visitors flocking here from across Europe to enjoy the wealth of sandy beaches and warm sunshine. The aim of the Bono Viaje is to increase business in the industry during low season, and as such, the two periods of travel being offered in 2023 are from 16 January to 31 May and 13 September to 22 December.

According to regional tourism secretary Francesc Colomer, in 2022 the scheme brought in 26 million Euros for the sector, with some 52,000 reservations made and 160,000 travellers, enjoying the discount.

Speaking last month, Colomer explained: “These figures show that the programme is a stimulus policy that we want to consolidate, as it has made it possible to reactivate the demand of Valencians in their own territory and strengthen the recovery of a sector that is key to the economy of our society.”

How does the Bono Viaje work?

The Bono this year covers 60% of the cost of the trip, up to a maximum of 600 Euros per reservation, regardless of whether it is a long or short trip, although a minimum of two consecutive nights in the same accommodation is required.

Who can apply?

Anyone who is over 18, up-to-date with their payments to the tax office (Agencia Tributaria) and is registered (empadronado) in the Valencia Region.

How to apply?

Go to the government website and follow the steps indicated. First you’ll need to fill in your details, with no need for a digital signature at this point, You will then be allocated a period during which to present the trip you’ve chosen and send the required documents. At this stage you will need a digital signature. (Personally, I recommend getting one of these as it’s useful for so many different administrative operations) . You’ll also need to present your certificate of residence (certificado de empadronamiento).

The period for applying began on 20 December 2022 and will be open until 30 November 2023, although the sooner you enroll the better as priority will be given according to the order in which people applied.

There is also a short video explaining the bono and how to apply for it. Where will you go?

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