Free transport for under 30s set to be extended throughout 2023

TRAVEL on public transport managed by the regional government may continue to be free for all those under 30 until the end of 2023.

The scheme, introduced back in September, was originally due to run until 15 January but this week the Generalitat has set out plans to extend it throughout the whole year.

So far, the metro in Valencia as well as the trams in Alicante and Castellón are planning to extend the period of free transport, while it remains to be seen if EMT Valencia, which runs the city’s buses, will do the same.

Passengers on Valencia’s Metro

According to reports in esdiario, the measure comes as a result of an amendment to the budget agreed by the three parliamentary groups – PSOE, Compromís and Unidos Podemos – that make up El Botánic, as the regional government is sometimes known.

The amendment also mentions extending free travel to “other habitual users” who make a certain minimum number of journeys, although this is so far only in discussion.

Any under 30-year-olds wishing to take advantage of the offer to travel free on public transport, need to make an appointment at one of the designated stations, then go along at the assigned time with proof of ID.

It is important to remember to carry both the travel card and ID proving the young person’s age at all times as inspectors can and do fine youngsters, usually around €25, and sadly the excuse of having ñeft the card at home or looking under 30 is not enough to avoid the sanction.

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