Covid and flu vaccinations begin

THE double vaccination for flu and coronavirus has got underway across the region this week, beginning with the oldest and most vulnerable of the population.

Covid booster and flu vaccines begin with the over 70s (GVA)

Vaccinations began on Monday for the over 70s, pregnant women and new mums, as well as people with underlying health conditions. Greatest priority is being given to the over 80s and once all those over 70 have been vaccinated, the campaign will continue with people between 65 and 69 years of age.

Valencian health minister, Miguel Mínguez, announced the plans at the weekend and said that there were 1,285,000 doses of the vaccine, a formula designed to offer protection against four different types of flu virus, and that it would be given along with the second covid booster jab, a vaccine which protects against the Omicron subvariants BA.4 and BA.5. The vaccines will be given in different arms.

Valencian health minister, Miguel Mínguez explains the double vaccine campaign (GVA)

Mínguez explained: “With the joint vaccination we facilitate access to double immunisation and avoid inconveniences such as having to travel several times to get vaccinated.”

He added: “It is important to remember that immunisation is the best protection against influenza and coronavirus. Faced with a possible normalisation of influenza virus circulation this winter and the expected increase in cases of coronavirus, we cannot forget that vaccines continue to save lives”.

According to the Ministry of Health’s Recommendations for Vaccination against COVID-19 for autumn in Spain, the second covid booster jab is aimed at the adult population aged 60 and over, people at risk, people in homes for the elderly and people with functional disabilities, as well as health and social-health care staff working in primary care, hospitals and homes for the elderly and people with disabilities.

How to get the jabs

All you have to do is make an appointment at your health centre to receive the flu vaccine and the second Covid booster. Those who belong to the target groups and have not yet been vaccinated will receive a phone call or SMS message over the next few weeks inviting them to visit their health centre to receive the vaccine. In this first phase, vaccination will also be completed for people living in homes for the elderly and people with functional diversity, as well as workers in these centres and health and social care staff. As the covid vaccination of these groups began on 26 September, they will receive just the flu vaccine, unless they have not yet had the coronavirus vaccine.

Workers in essential services (armed forces, fire fighters, civil protection, public health workers etc.) will be vaccinated in their places of work.

One thought

  1. Dear Catherine

    Hello from the UK. Thank you for your post, very useful to know what is going on in Spain.

    As regards the vaccines being one in each arm this will be a problem if both arms are disabled by the poisons in the shots, assuming there is anything other than saline of course.

    I have a friend who suffered a paralyzed arm this year after the vaccine was administered. He will not be getting any more shots.

    I wrote this on the vaccines if you are interested.

    Kind regards


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