University bans all heating and aircon after collosal electricity bill

STUDENTS will soon need to dig out their warmer clothes because from Monday there will be no air conditioning or heating allowed in Valencia’s Polytechnic University, until further notice.

Vera Campus, Valencia (UPV)

The order for all climatization devices to remain switched off at the three campuses was given on Thursday by the UPV’s rector, José Capilla, after the university’s electricity went through the roof, showing that not only family homes and companies are suffering from increased fuel bills but educational institutions as well.

The only university locations not included in the ban are those where maintaining a stable temperature is essential, such as laboratories.

Speaking to Cadena Ser radio, Caplllia explained that the university had budgeted for an electricity bill of around 8 million euros for this year (two million more than in 2019) but with the exorbitant hike in prices, the estimate is that the year will end with a figure around 15 million euros, almost double what had been budgeted for.

He told the radio station that the increase in costs was due to the rising price of fuel, meaning that they had being hit hard, despite the university reducing its energy consumption through energy efficiency investments in the buildings and other measures to encourage a more sustainable way of life.

The rector pointed out that the coldest winter months arrive late in the Comunitat Valenciana, which is why heating is not permitted to be turned on.

A statement issued by the university went on to explain that the measure aims to make a saving of around 16,000 euros per day. It also said that the ban was temporary, only being in force while weather conditions permitted, and that if there was a sudden change in the weather it would be revised.

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