Bonaire restaurant blaze

A MASSIVE fire broke out at the popular fast food restaurant at Bonaire shopping centre, in Aldaia, Valencia on Sunday.

Fire at the fast food restaurant on Sunday (Consorci Bombers VLC)

The blaze occurred around midday, after which the building was immediately evacuated, and fortunately, there were no injuries according to the emergency services.

When the fire started, there had been 13 people inside the restaurant, although all managed to get out unharmed and unaided, according to Guardia Civil sources, who had also helped in the evacuation.

Both the chief firefighter at the scene and one of the restaurant managers agreed that the fire had begun around 1pm when one of the fryers overheated and ignited the entire false ceiling and the structure of the building, it was reported in Valencia Plaza.

Firefighters from Paterna, Torrent and Catarroja attended the blaze which needed five fire engines, one engine with a ladder and two four-wheel drive fire-fighting vehicles.

Once the area was under control and the firefighting equipment taken away, access to the shopping centre was once again opened with firefighters controlling the perimeter of the restaurant site.

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