Tributes to Queen Elizabeth II

TRIBUTES to Queen Elizabeth II have come pouring in from around the world but also from across the Valencia region, following the death of the monarch on Thursday afternoon.

The Queen, who was 96 and celebrated her 70th Jubilee earlier this year, died peacefully at one of her favourite homes, Balmoral in Scotland, surrounded by members of her family.

She is succeeded by her son who now becomes King Charles III.

Queen Elizabeth II who died peacefully on Thursday afternoon

One of the first messages of condolence came from Spanish King Felipe, a distant cousin of the late Queen, and Queen Letizia. King Felipe tweeted to King Charles: “Queen Letizia and I send Your Majesty and the whole Family our love and prayers. You are all in our hearts and thoughts. We will miss Her dearly. With all my friendship and affection, Felipe”

On Friday the royal couple visited the residence of the British Ambassador to Spain, Hugh Elliott to sign the book of condolences.

King Felipe and Queen Letizia visit the residence of British Ambassador to Spain, Hugh Elliott

The British Embassy in Madrid has opened books of condolence for people to sign, as well as others across the country, including one at their office in Alicante.

In Torrevieja crowds gathered on Friday as the Union Flag was flown at half mast and a book of condolences was opened. City mayor, Eduardo Dolón, tweeted a message of sympathy in English.

In Benidorm a place of remembrance has been set up for those who want to pay their respects following the passing of the Queen. A wreath of laurel and white flowers has been placed below the Union Flag at half mast in the Plaza Derramador, and will remain there during the period of official mourning.
The city has close links with the UK and has always been a popular destination with the British. At present, there is an estimated 25,000 Brits in the city on holiday, while 4,081 British citizens are registered as living there.

The city council also tweeted their condolences on Thursday evening.

Regional president, Ximo Puig, tweeted his support to the more than 100,000 British citizens living in the Comunitat Valenciana.

Although in the comments section many Spanish and Valencian followers questioned why the president had tweeted in Spanish and not in English.

So, as we enter a new era, whether monarchist or republican, nobody can deny that Queen Elizabeth II dedicated her life to her country and its people, and in the role that fell to her she always behaved with the utmost integrity and discretion. As monarchs go, she was one of the best. She’ll be a hard act to follow, so good luck King Charles III.

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