Another heatwave coming this weekend with temperatures set pass 40º

We’re having a heatwave (photo by Photo by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi – Pexels)

JUST when you thought things couldn’t get any hotter the weather forecasters are predicting another heatwave for the long weekend, starting tomorrow (Friday).

The Spanish meteorological Agency, AEMET, says that temperatures will begin to rise on Friday, with the maximums being recorded during Saturday which could prove to be the hottest day of the summer so far with areas of Valencia and Alicante provinces on orange alert as temperatures are expected to go over 40º on both Friday and Saturday. A detailed breakdown of the orange and yellow alerts in each province can be found here:

In the north of the region, temperatures will start to drop during Monday, a holiday marking the ascension of the Virgin Mary, but in the south of the region, the high temperatures will continue.

On Friday and Sunday, the predominant wind inland will be the poniente, a hot wind that comes from the west, with breezes in coastal areas. However, on Saturday the poniente wind, which will be felt at various times throughout the day, will also affect the coast, especially in Valencia, Castellón and the north of Alicante.

AEMET says that this situation of persistent heat is impacting multiple sectors and aspects, such as health, dryness of hilly scrubland, high evapotranspiration, high rates of spontaneous fires and also a sea surface water temperature that these days has been registering record highs.

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