Culture vouchers for 18-year-olds now available

ANYONE turning 18 in 2022 who has Spanish nationality or residency, can now claim their €400 culture voucher.

Culture vouchers for 18-year-olds (Karolina Grabowska on Pexels)

The Bono Joven Cultural has been introduced by the Spanish government for those who come of age this year, of which there are some 52,000 across the Valencia region. Youngsters have been able to claim their vouchers since Monday when the official government website went live. Vouchers can be requested up until 15 October and will be valid for a year from when they are requested.

The voucher is divided into three sections to encourage 18-year-olds to discover and access different cultural experiences:

  • 200 Euros for live art, cultural heritage and visual arts, for example the performing arts, live music, cinema, museums, libraries, exhibitions, as well as theatrical, literary and music festivals.
  • 100 Euros for cultural products, for example books, magazines, newspapers and other publications, videogames, sheet music, records, CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray.
  • 100 Euros for online digital products, for example subscriptions to platforms, news and audiobooks.

Regional president, Ximo Puig, was joined by the Spanish Culture Minister, Miquel Iceta, for the presentation of the vouchers in Valencia’s Fine Art Museum (Museo de Bellas Artes).

Puig tweeted the news, saying it was a boost by the government for the culture industry and for the values it represents.

Some Twitter users, however, saw it as a ploy to win votes, given that these youngsters will be voting for the first time in the next elections.

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