No restrictions despite seventh wave, says Puig

Committee of Experts meeting (GVA)

THERE won’t be any new restrictions this summer despite the rise in coronavirus cases due to the seventh wave of the virus, says Valencia president Ximo Puig.

Puig spoke to journalists on Monday following a meeting with the Committee of experts, including regional health minister Miguel Mínguez, and confirmed that the peak of the wave was expected in 10 to 15 days.

He also said that all the walk-in vaccination centres across the region would remain open this summer to speed up vaccination against COVID-19, and has encouraged those who have not yet done so to complete their vaccination schedule.

He also reiterated the importance of maintaining protective measures against the virus such as the responsible use of facemasks, especially in crowded places and for the most vulnerable people, hand hygiene, ventilation of indoor spaces, and keeping a safe distance.

Puig also said that at the next national meeting of the health departments his regional government would be proposing the fourth dose of the vaccine for this autumn., especially for the most vulnerable.

He said that the new variant of the disease is “rapidly spreading”, but its severity is less in those people who are vaccinated, which, he said, demonstrates the effectiveness of immunisation.

Finally, he said that Valencian hospitals are prepared to meet the needs of this wave of infections, which is expected to double by the end of July, and insisted on the need to be vigilant “because COVID is not on holiday”.

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