Man arrested for 142 robberies in Valencia

A 38-year-old man has been arrested in Valencia by the National Police for allegedly committing 142 robberies since January.

Man arrested in Valencia for 142 robberies (archive photo Policia Nacional)

The thefts occurred mainly in shops, vehicles and a storeroom in the Valencia city districts of Marítim, Russafa and Patraix.

The man, of Spanish nationality, was arrested last Tuesday when he was found to have, allegedly, forced entry to shops in the city and was found with various objects to a value of €2,000, including a large television, according to a statement by the National Police reported by Europa Press. It was also reported that during the arrest a screwdriver and tongue and groove pliers were also found, objects which are often used to commit this type of crime.

Police continue with their investigations and it has not been ruled out that the man, who has around 70 previous arrests for similar offences, may be charged with more crimes. For now he has been brought before the courts and has been released.

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