Lucía and Martín most popular children’s names in 2021

IN 2021 there were 408 Martíns and 378 Lucías born in the Valencia region, according to figures published on Wednesday by Spain’s national statistics agency, INE (Instituto Nacional de Estadistica).

After Martín, the second most popular name among new parents of boys was Mateo (375), in third place was Marc (354), followed by Hugo and Lucas (336). Also popular for baby boys were Leo (320), Enzo (259), Alejandro (255), Daniel (247) and Pablo (219).

Meanwhile, for girls, Sofía came in second (368), Martina third (324), followed by María (270), Valeria (265) and Emma (261). Also in the top ten favourite girls names were Julia (254), Aitana (236), Vega (228) and Alma (210).

There were 35,627 births registered in Castellón, Valencia and Alicante last year, 134 fewer than in 2020, of which 18,538 were baby boys and 17,089 girls.

The average number of children per woman in the region was 1.22, just above the national average of 1.19, and the average life expectancy at birth for those borm in 2021 was 82, a year lower than the national average for Spain.

The rate of natural growth in the region last year, the difference between births and deaths among residents, was negative at -14.106, with only Castilla y León and Galicia having a greater negative increase. in other words there were more deaths than babies born.

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