Five youths arrested over rape of two young girls in Burjassot

FIVE teenageers, aged between 15 and 17, were arrested on Wednesday night over the rape and gang-rape of two girls on Monday in Burjassot. A sixth boy, who is believed to have participated in the gang-rape, is also wanted by police.

The alleged attacks took place after the two girls, aged 12 and 13, went to an abandoned house in Burjassot, very close to the border with Godella, on Monday. According to reports, the girls had arranged to meet the two boys in person after meeting them a few weeks previously on Instagram, but the boys turned up with more friends.

It is understood that when the younger of the girls refused to do what was requested of her she was raped but then managed to escape and tell a third friend, also via Instagram, what was happening. The friend informed her parents who immediately alerted the Police about the situation.

According to reports in La Vanguardia, the youths were arrested at their homes on Wednesday evening by the National Police who needed the support of riot police.

Speaking to journalists, Gloria Calero, Valencian delegate of the national government in Valencia, confirmed that Monday’s events were being investigated thoroughly by the National Police. She commented: ” It is essential to re-examine the subject of education, we must give an education based on values, where minors are educated in these values and not in sexuality. At the moment many children, unfortunately, learn through pornography. This cannot be. We have to stop this because children must not see sexuality as pornography.”

Calero called for a change in the area of education, of training, both at home and in schools “Children spend many hours at school so it’s also the reponsiblity to teach values so that these things stop.”

Burjassot City Council released a statement condemning the alleged sexual assault. It said: “The council, led by its Mayor, Rafa García, expresses its absolute repulsion and is at the disposal of the State Security Forces and Corps as well as Justice for whatever is necessary.

“Not one more, violence against women is not admissible. Ever. We will be and we are with the victims of any violence or sexual aggression, defending them and helping them in any way necessary. We trust in Justice and in the State Security Forces and Corps,” said García.

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