Eurovision euphoria as Spain comes third in Turin

SPAIN’S Chanel has achieved the country’s best result for 27 years with an impeccable performance of SloMo at the 66th Eurovision Song Contest held in Turin, Italy last night.

Chanel perforimg SloMo at Eurovision 2022 (EBU / Corinne Cumming)

However, the winners on the night, thanks to the popular vote, were Ukraine’s band Kalush Orchestra with Stefania, followed by the UK’s Sam Ryder with Space Man.

Nail-biting final for Spain and UK fans

Spain and the UK had been very close as the jury votes came in, something not seen in years. Both countries have been more used to fighting not to come last rather than vying for one of the top spots. When the popular votes had all come in there were just seven points separating the two countries. Some argue that had it not been for the war in Ukraine the UK would have won, but who can say that the popular vote which helped Ukraine to victory would have been transferred to the UK. Others doubt that and believe those popular votes would have gone to Spain as the UK is certainly not the most ‘popular’ country in Europe post-Brexit. But Eurovision has always been about political voting and we’ll never know for sure.

Final scores of Eurovision 2022

Eurovision 2023

It is uncertain where next year’s Eurovision contest will be held, although Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, has vowed to host the event in Ukraine and wrote on Instagram about the courage of Ukraine “impressing the world ” and its music “conquering Europe” despite the ongoing Russian invasion. Spain has, however, offered to host next year’s contest if Ukraine is unable to, and just earlier this week Valencia mayor, Joan Ribó, offered his city to host the event if Spain won.

Valencia supports Chanel

Parties were held across the Valencia region to watch the event and in Benidorm, where Spain’s jury were based, the city put up large screens where Eurovision fans could watch and celebrate together.

Party atmosphere in Benidorm supporting Spain’s Chanel.

Meanwhile, in the Valencia town of Vilarmarxant, home of Chanel’s dancer Raquel Caurín, there were also celebrations and messages of congratulations following the results.

Vilarmarxant’s deputy mayor, Héctor Troyano, congratulates the town’s Raquel Caurín one of Chanel’s dancers

Success of Benidorm Fest confirmed

Spain’s Chanel was chosen to represent her country at the first Benidorm Fest held in January this year, and her success in Turin has confirmed the event’s importance. The regional government has said that plans for Benidorm Fest 2023 are already underway and will begin tomorrow (Monday). According to reports on Cadena Ser radio, next year’s event will be held at the beginning of 2023, with a larger audience in the Palau de L’ ‘Illa and there will also be activities held throughout the city during the week of the festival.

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