Applications open for school and nursery vouchers

A nursery classroom (GVA)

THE application period for nursery and infant vouchers opens today (Thursday) and could save parents registered in Valencia city up to €120 a month.

Valencia CIty Council has announced that this year’s cheque escolar will reach a total of €3.7 million and the financial aid will cover costs of school and nursery places for little ones during the 2022-2023 school year as well as activities in July 2023.

The vouchers are available for children born after 1 January 2017, so aged from 0 to six years, as well as those expected to be born before 31 December 2022. To qualify for the financial support, both the child and the parents or legal guardians must be registered as living (empadronados) in Valencia city. Any children who are currently in schools or nurseries which are wholly financed by public funds, be it a state-run school or a fully government-funded concertado school or nursery, are excluded from applying.

The city council’s budget is for a total of 3,707,000 Euros and the maximum monthly voucher is for €120 per child with a total of 11 monthly payments. The amount cannot exceed the costs incurred from childcare and may not be used to cover costs outside the school timetable, for instance extracurricular activities, school dinners, books, school material and enrollment are not covered.

The deadline for handing in applications is 27 May, inclusive The BASES and forms can be downloaded from the City Hall website

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