Covid rules relaxed further but slight increase in cases in the city post-Fallas

ALL remaining covid restrictions will now disappear in the Valencia region, except for two, the ban on smoking in restaurant terraces and the compulsory use of facemasks in indoor public spaces, which is a national restriction.

It will soon no longer be necessary to show covid passports when visiting care homes and all the restrictions which have covered venues of culture, sport, hospitality and events are now to be removed, except the rule of smoking on street terraces and wearing facemasks in indoor public places, public transport and crowded events.

Regional president, Ximo Puig, announced the changes, which will come into force just as soon as they are published in the DOGV (Diari Oficial de la Generalitat Valenciana) the gazette where all new laws are published, following the government’s Covid Prevention and Action Interdepartmental meeting on Thursday. He also said it would be the last meeting of the group unless the epidemiological situation changed.

Puig, who was accompanied at the press conference by Regional Health Minister, Ana Barceló, said that there was a new dynamic in the pandemic and that we are “in the direction of normalization.”

Regional president Ximo Puig and regional Health Minister Ana Barceló at a press conference after the interdepartmental meeting on Thursday (GVA)

No need to self-isolate if asymptomatic

On Tuesday the Commission for Public Health in Madrid approved changes to the Covid-19 Control and Vigilance Strategy. From Monday 28 March diagnostic tests will only be carried out for vulnerable groups (over 60s, immunosuppressed patients and pregnant women) as well as those in vulnerable situations (care homes and health centres). Tests for those who are asymptomatic or displaying mild symptoms will be carried out at the discretion of each doctor’s clinic.

With regards to the rest of the population, confirmed Covid-19 cases with mild or no symptoms will no longer be required to self-isolate, nor will close contacts need to quarantine. Recommendations will be given regarding preventative measures, such as using facemasks in all situations and avoiding contact with vulnerable groups. However, in vulnerable situations, like care homes and health centres, specific control and isolation measures could be implemented,

Post-Fallas spike in waste water covid measurements

The changes in restrictions come as wastewater testing shows a sight spike in the level of coronavirus in the city in the week after Fallas.

Waste water in Valencia 24 March 2022

Councillor for the Integrated Water Cycle, Elisa Valía. said: “Thanks to the responsibility of Valencians and the vaccination campaign, with 93 percent of the population immunised, we can begin a new stage of recovery to normality,” while also adding that “the virus is still present and we must remain prudent”.

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