Back with a bang – Fallas returns with the first of its daily mascletàs

A TOTAL of 120 kilos of explosives went up in smoke at lunchtime on Tuesday as the traditional mascletà returned to Valencia’s Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

Following Sunday’s spectacle of the Crida, which marks the beginning of the Fallas festival, today the explosives experts return to the heart of the city.

The display was “a classic mascletà” according to pyrotechnician Pepe Nebot, who designed the spectacle which can be seen here

For anyone who has yet to experience a mascletà, the less than 10-minute displays of the loudest, most bone-shaking fire-crackers imaginable will be taking place at 2pm every day until 19 March in Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

Due to the crowds, it’s advisable to arrive well in advance, around 1pm if you want to bag a good spot inside the square itself, although that’s not strictly necessary as the booming sounds ricochet off the surrounding streets.

While there are no limits on numbers, facemasks must be worn because of the large numbers of people that gather to watch the event.

The masceltà is not for everyone and those of a nervous disposition or with delicate ears, may be better watching the spectacle on television or on the Facebook page of the Ajuntament de Valencia where it will be shown from 13:58h every day until 19 March.

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