Mass vaccination centres to reopen to speed up booster jab programme

Valencia’s mass vaccination centre in the City of Arts and Sciences (Ana Alfonso)

REGIONAL president, Ximo Puig has announced the reopening of the mass vaccination centres in the coming days to speed up the programme of booster doses against Covid-19.

The decision to reopen the so-called vacunódromos in the region’s main towns and cities was taken following a meeting held on Saturday between Puig and his Health Minister, Ana Barceló, according to a report by news agency Europa Press.

From 31 January the Príncipe Felipe Museum in the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia will once again be used as a vaccination centre, in Alicante, the field hospital located next to the General Hospital will be used for vaccinations, and in Elche the El Toscar sports centre will continue to be the only mass vaccination point.

Puig stressed that the decision had been taken as part of “a new stage of accelerating vaccination” following the decision to start giving booster shots to over 18s.”

He said it would make it easier for people to receive the dose “quickly and efficiently”, while at the same time relieving the pressure on health centres, allowing them to continue offering normal healthcare services.

In Castellón, vaccines will be administered next to the General Hospital, meanwhile in Gandia, jabs will be given in the Rois de Corella sports centre, and in Paterna, in the auditorium.

In these towns, new vaccination points are being set up with the capacity to receive a greater number of people, while at the same time the fifty or so permanent vaccination centres that have been set up across the region will continue to operate, as well as health centres.

The Regional Health Department is mainly calling the 40-49 age group, although in some departments the 30-39 age group is already being vaccinated.

Compared to the rest of Spain, Valencia is one of the regions which is giving booster jabs the fastest. Vaccination rates are also above average in the age groups over 70 years, 60-69 years, 50-59 years, those who received the double dose of AstraZeneca and the single dose of Janssen.

Finally, the President described as “exemplary” the responsibility of Valencian society with regard to vaccination from the outset.

Valencia’s mass vaccination centre in the City of Arts and Sciences (Ana Alfonso)

Daily infection rates still over 20,000

Two weeks after the return to school and cases of coronavirus infection are still more than 20,000 per day. On Friday there were a further 22,063 new covid-19 infections reported, and 17 deaths during the previous seven days. There were also 1,749 people hopitalised with covid-19 and 183 of them needing treatment in the ICU.

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