First babies of year but figures show declining birthrate

On the strike of midnight, while most were eating grapes and drinking champagne, the first baby was born in the Valencia region.

Hugo Moldavan came into the world weighing 3.220 kg at the Francesc de Borja Hospital, Gandia at exactly 00:00:00, as the bells were ringing in the new year.

Hugo Moldavan, the first baby born in 2022 in the Valencia region (GVA)

The first baby to be born in Alicante province was Ainhoa Santana, born in Elche General Hospital 20 minutes after midnight, weighing 3.110 kg. Meanwhile, at 08:46 Antonella Sos was the first baby to be born in Castellón. She put in an appearance at the Hospital General weighing 2.810 kg.

Declining birthrate

According to the most recent figures provided by the Health Department, up to November 2021 there were 24,701 births in the region. By province 2,631 were in Castellón, 11,493 in Valencia and 10,577 in Alicante.

According to news agency, EFE, these figures show a drop in the birthrate compared to 2020, when 26,498 babies were born in the region; by province, there were 2,845 in Castellón, 12,670 in Valencia and 10,983 in Alicante.

Number of new borns in the region by hospital:

• Hospital de Vinaròs: 394

• Hospital General, Castellón: 1.164

• Hospital La Plana: 1.073

• Hospital Sagunto: 567

• Hospital Clínic Universitari: 982

• Hospital La Fé: 3.814

• Hospital Requena: 217

• Hospital General Universitario, Valencia: 978

• Hospital Dr. Peset: 960

• Hospital La Ribera: 1.193

• Hospital Francesc De Borja, Gandia: 937

• Hospital Dénia: 931

• Hospital Ontinyent: 184

• Hospital Lluís Alcanyís, Xàtiva: 584

• Hospital Verge dels Lliris, Alcoi: 750

• Hospital Vila Joiosa: 821

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