Anti covid passport march

PROTESTERS against ‘Covid Passports’ took to the streets of Valencia on Saturday evening, calling the new restrictions “dictatorial” and demanding the measures be reversed.

The protesters, many of whom marched without facemasks or social distancing, are opposed to the Covid Digital Certificate being used to allow entry to certain locations. The new rules came into effect on 4 December across the Valencia region and mean that only people who are fully vaccinated, have a recent PCR test or have recovered from Covid in the past six months can gain access to certain indoor places, for example restaurants with more than 50 people, or visiting hospitals and care homes.

The march began at 6pm in Plaza del Ayuntamiento and continued through the city centre, passing along Calle Colón and Xàtiva among other central streets, ending outside the Palau de la Generalitat,

Placards were waved with slogans such as “Nazi Pass“, “A political, social and health dictatorship” and “Vaccines kill“. There were cries of “Libertad!”, “Don’t touch children” and “It’s not a vaccine, it’s an experiment“.

The march was organised by Triple V, Union Activa Valencia, Policias por la Libertad and Familias X la verdad and according to reports by news agency Europa Press, the police had been informed prior to the event, although they gave no estimate as to how many people attended the march.

There were similar marches in Barcelona and Madrid which were reported on RTVE

Meanwhile cases of coronavirus across the region have risen by 40%, with the latest update of figures from the health department, published on Friday, showing a further 2,700 new cases of covid reported in the previous 24 hours, compared to 1,662 the week before. There were also a further 16 deaths, of people between 41 and 92 years of age, while the previous Friday saw six deaths reported. As of Friday, there were 563 people in hospital, 93 in intensive care, compared to a week earlier when there 441 people in hospital with 72 of them needing ICU treatment.

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  1. Hi I am looking to visit my family in January and I am exempt from having the vacinations can i still travel from the UK to Valencia please?
    Kind regards


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