Activists camp out in Valencia following “inaction” of COP26

CLIMATE activists didn’t waste a minute, holding a camp out in Valencia in protest over what they call a lack of action by leaders and companies at COP26.

Coinciding with the end of the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow on Friday, representatives of the international ecological charity, Greenpeace, and the international institution for non-violent action, NOVACT joined forces in the three-day event which involved peaceful protests and training for younger activists, in face of what they referred to as the “bla bla bla” of the conference.

The climate campaigners joined hundreds of other activists over the weekend in cities across the country as part of the #CampamentodeActivismo campaign.

There were training sessions and workshops aimed at preparing young activists in direct non-violent action, as well as concentrations in different parts of the city.

The young activists learnt about civil mobilisation techniques with theory and practical training about tools to demand greater social and environmental justice through non-violent action and fear and anxiety management.

The newly learnt methods were put into action and on Sunday campaigners held banners at the finish line of the city’s 15K race where many runners also joined the concentration.

They also protested at Valencia’s iconic City of Arts and Sciences, under the slogan “We get wet, you don’t!!” (Nosaltres si que ens mullen, vosaltres no!!!). Other banners protested against the expansion of the city’s port, which environmentalists say will have a devastating effect on the area. The closest beaches to the port are already experiencing the effects from the structure which has been built so far, with their beaches being a fraction of the size they were a few years ago.

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