Covid passport could be compulsory in some settings

Regional president, Ximo Puig, announced today that Covid passports could become obligatory in some locations, but ruled out re-introducing restrictions, despite the spike in infections.

Puig said that “the legal process will be accelerated” this week to implement the covid certificate in certain enclosed spaces to “encourage vaccination and above all, to protect the population that has complied.” However, he was clear that, certainly for now, there would be no return to the restrictions imposed previously during the pandemic, preferring to emphasis the benefits of the vaccine and encourage the unvaccinated to get themselves jabbed.

In an interview with À Punt Radio, and again after a visit to Francesc Carròs Primary School, Puig explained that a legal report had been requested a while ago to look into how the use of the covid certificate could be implemented at the entrance to certain venues and that this week the findings would be “decisive”.

He said: “We are going to act, it is not about going against anyone, it is about going in favour of society and in that sense I would also like all parties to stop playing with something as fundamental as people’s lives.”

He explained that the covid certificate is “a useful instrument to encourage vaccination and, above all, to protect the population that has complied” because although “it does not avoid infection altogether, we have to protect the most vulnerable people. “

He said that the certificate would be requested in locations where wearing a facemask and maintaining social distance is difficult but didn’t want to specify which locations until the legal aspect was clear.

Puig stressed that Valencian society has shown “enormous co-responsibility” and, thanks to this, the incidence rate has been lower than in other regions and other countries” and that he now considers it “time to take another step” with the covid certificate.

He explained that this next step would “intensify as much as possible” the vaccination of those who are not yet immunized. He appointed out that about 90% of the target population of the Valencian Region is already vaccinated but once again made an appeal “from the heart” to the 500,000 Valencians who have not yet been inoculated for “themselves, for their families and for all of us. “

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