Covid booster jabs for region’s homeless

CHARITIES are working with local authorities to locate homeless people and give them a second dose of Covid-19 vaccine.

The group, which numbers around 1,000 people across the region were originally given the single dose Janssen vaccine and will now be given booster jabs from 15 November.

Around 210,000 people received the single-dose vaccine, among them 4,773 reclusive people, 1,470 Valencians who were about to travel away from the region, and the 1,000 homeless people.

Hogar Sí is one of the charities which is helping the government find people on the streets. the charity’s Gonzalo Caro said that they could help give the second dose to the people they have registered, but that “there are many others who are going to be very difficult to locate,”

Caro told Cadena Ser Radio that in the same way an effort is being made to prepare 28 vaccination centres in places known by the homeless population, “an effort should be made to integrate these people into a dignified home, understanding their needs and developing methodologies which will help them in their personal process, respecting their independence.”

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