Judge overrules magistrate and reinstates LGTBI books

A judge has overturned a controversial ruling by a magistrate two weeks ago which forced the city council in Castellón to remove 32 LGTBI books from 11 secondary schools.

The books were banned following a complaint by Abogados Cristianos, a group of Christian lawyers who claim the books could cause irreparable damage to minors.

Following outrage from LGTBI groups as well as members of the Valencia government, the question was revised and the books reinstated.

According to documents published this Monday, the Christian association claimed that the LGTBI books “are illegal from various perspectives” and alleged that “not only is it a book with sexually explicit content but it is constantly deriding religion, and not only Catholicism, it also makes a flagrant attack on Islam, Judaism and Evangelism.”

Overturning the ban, the judge said that the content of the books had a direct legal basis under the law of the Valencia government which recognises the right to identity and expression of gender.”

The Christian association will appeal against the decision. The group’s president Polonia Castellanos said: “it is an attack on religion, on the freedom of parents to decide on the education of their children, and against the interests of minors, teaching them about pornography, prostitution,, and sex with drugs.”

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