Vaccination and caution as main Covid restrictions end

From midnight tonight most of the remaining Covid-19 restictions will be removed until further notice. The announcement came yesterday evening following the interdepartmental Covid Prevention meeting. Valencian president, Ximo Puig said that vaccination and caution were the way forward and appealed to the Spanish government to make covid vaccination certificates a pre-requisite for access to nightlife venues and festivals nationally.

Puig, who was accompanied by Valencia health minister, Ana Barceló, said that the use of the vaccine certificate was “a positive instrument to push the accelrator towards nomality”. He applauded and supported the sectors, like nightlilfe and festival organisers, who had taken it upon themselves to impose the use of the certificate, PCR or antigen test to guarantee “the maximum safety possible.”

He said we were “arriving at the final station of a historic moment” and was sure that from 9th October “we will start a new phase”, reached thanks to the “efficient management” in the health sphere as well as the civic-mindedness of the people.”

However, he called for “common sense, caution and responsibility” because the virus hasn’t gone away although herd immunity is going to allow us “to live with it”. He made a plea to those who haven’t taken up the vaccine to do so, pointing out that the risk of death from coronavirus is 10 times higher for the unvaccinated.

Which limits still remain?

Facemasks are still mandatory in enclosed public spaces and outdoor where social distancing is not possible.
Although in urban areas facemasks are still recommended and smoking in the street is not allowed where a distance of 2m cannot be maintained, likewise in restaurant and bar terraces.

All limits on capacity have disappeared except standing up public events, where there is a limit of 2.25m2 permitted per person.

In bars and restaurants the maximum of 10 people to a table remains and social distance must be maintained at the bar. Venues for leisure activities also have no limit on capacity and their closing time will now be according to their licence.

Capacity in cinemas, theatres, auditoriums and museums will also be back to 100%, except where food and drink is consumed, in which case an empty seat needs to be left. There will now also be no limit on capacities for doing exercise and sport in general. Although in professional football and basketball leagues the capacity will be 80% maximum in closed spaces and 100% outdoors.

Postpandemic vigilance unit

Puig also announced the creation of a new unit dedicated to monitoring the Covid-19 situation in light of the new post-pandemic situation.

The job of this unit will be to set up new early detection methods, monitoring and controlling Covid-19 in all hospitals as well as different parts of the Valencia Region.

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