First day with no Covid deaths in the region since 20 July

On Friday there were no deaths from coronavirus recorded in the Valencia region. The total since the start of the pandemic stands at 7,788. Broken down by province that is 843 in Castellón province, 2,988 in Alicante and 3,957 in Valencia province.

There were 1,229 new cases of coronavirus reported during the week, down from last week’s 1,409. There were 1,565 all-clears compared to 1,916 the previous week, but there was a large drop in the number of deaths, down to 10, compared to 23 the week before.

As of Friday, there were 169 people in the region’s hospitals, down on last week’s 173, with 52 needing intensive care treatment, compared to 54 last week.

Currently 4,056,216 people have received at least one dose of vaccine against coronavirus in the Valencia region, while 3,998,614 people are now fully vaccinated.

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