Main covid restrictions to end tonight

As had been hinted by Valencia president, Ximo Puig, the main covid-19 restrictions will come to an end from midnight tonight.

The announcement came following the interdepartmental Covid-19 prevention committee on Monday morning and the main changes to come into place, including longer opening hours, increases in limits of capacity and the return of dancing and karaoke, albeit with facemasks, will be in force until 8 October.

Health minister, Ana Barceló, said: “We continue advancing towards a new normal thanks to the good epidemiological situation in the Valencia Region and the huge effort of Valencian society in the fight against the virus”, which has let us “eliminate or adjust the vast majority of the measures in force at the moment,

In particular, restrictions are to be removed from cinemas, theatres, museums and libraries, as well as in other sectors such as shopping, guided tourism and festivals, always bearing in mind the general measures of caution, safety and hygiene.

Measures for the hospitality and restaurant sectors have also been eased, with capacity limits moving from 50% to 75% indoors and the maximum number allowed at tables from 8 to 10, In addition, bars can now be used once again for collecting food and drink and for consumption, if seated and maintaining social distancing.

Closing times for nighttime and hospitality venues will also change in accordance with the licence of each establishment, although all venues must close by 5.00am.

Dancefloors and karaoke are to be allowed once again, but both with the use of facemasks and drinks cannot be consumed while dancing. Dancers must also remain in their assigned space and keep social distance.

Any events which could cause large crowds to gather remain limited to 50% inside and 75% outside.

Changing rooms and showers for sports centres is extended to 75% and the limit on the number of sportsmen and women who can take part in an event together is removed, for events such as marathons and half-marathons, as long as the starts are staggered to avoid large crowds gathering.

Indoor sports venues will have a maximum capacity of 75% and outdoor there will be a limit of 2.25m2 per person. Both indoor and outdoor swimming pools will now have a maximum capacity of 75%.

At professional sports events, there will be a maximum of 40% capacity in closed spaces and 60% in outdoor spaces but there is now no limit on the number of assistants. A distance of one seat should be left in fixed seats or 1.5m when seats are not fixed, except for cohabitants.

In residences and similar establishments the maximum capacity rises to 75% in communal areas and can now include services such as self-service.

Finally, there is now no fixed limit on the number of people who can attend a funeral or wake and the capacity will now be 75% indoors and 100% outdoors, always maintaining social distancing.

Easing of restrictions from 28 September 2021

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