Changes to restrictions on Monday

From next Monday there’ll be a further easing of restrictions across the Valencia region with vaccination rates now around 90%.

Regional president, Ximo Puig, announced yesterday (Thursday) that there would be “a new phase of progressive re-opening” from Monday. He talked about the upcoming changes during the closing of the Valencian Business Federation directors’ meeting. Puig said that thanks to the cohesion of the Valencian society and the co-responsibility of the citizens, the region is one of the areas with the highest vaccination rates in the world. In addition, he said that the accumulated incidence rate is currently around 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, and that the current number of Coivd-19 patients in hospital is below 200. Given these figures, the president said he was very hopeful of reaching 9 October (Día de la Comunidad Valenciana) with “the maximum normality possible”.

With regard to the easing of anti-covid restrictions from next week Puig indicated there would be changes to opening times, limits on capacity and that talks would begin with the sectors most affected to try and make the return to normality the most effective possible.”

He also mentioned the use of vaccination certificates to access certain spaces and said that it “will give a sense of security to people” and “guarantee their rights”.

Puig has often shown himself to be in favour of covid certificates or “passports” as they are also referred to but discussions seem to point towards their being optional, that is to say that organisers of large events and nighttime venues could decide whether or not to impose it as a requirement. Although the most likely outcome is that they would be required, according to sources from Fotur, Valencia’s Leisure and Tourism Federation, as reported in Valencia Plaza.

Of course the certificate wouldn’t just be for those who have been vaccinated but also for those who have a negative antigen test result.

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