Spain wins World Paella Day Cup

Valencia Marina hosted the gastronomic event yesterday which saw chefs from 10 countries around the world compete in the semi-finals and finals of the competition. In the end, Noelia Pascual, representing Spain, won in the final competing against Costa Rica, China, Uruguay and the USA.

The event was attended by councillor for Tourism and Internationalization and President of Visit València, Emiliano García, as well as the Regional Secretary for Tourism, Francesc Colomer, and the members of the jury, which was made up of leading names from the world of paella.

García, stressed that “today is a meeting day for Valencians, the day we celebrate the culture of paella that is in our homes on Sundays and days of celebration ”.

“We wanted to project and share this dish that characterizes us, because paella, of Valencian origin, is already part of the world’s gastronomic heritage, and that is what we want to continue promoting.”

“In this IV edition of World Paella Day we have been able to see how paella has crossed borders and is already being cooked all over the world. For this reason, we have had chefs from 10 different countries competing for the best paella, but, above all, to know where paella was born, what its origin is, the reason for the ingredients and everything that surrounds the culture of paella in Valencia ”, concluded the García .

Finalists in the World Paella Day Cup

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