Noche Violeta against domestic violence

MONDAY saw concentrations across the region to call for an end to domestic violence and to remember the 35 women who have died so far this year.

In Benidorm, the city council held a minute’s silence, as they do every time a woman is killed at the hands of her aggressor, this time in remembrance of the latest victim, a 52-year-old mother of two from A Coruña, who was stabbed to death in her home apparently by her partner.

With this latest death the total of women killed through domestic violence this year is now 35, and 19 children who have been orphaned. The total number of women killed since statistics started to be recorded in 2003 is now 1,113 women.

Gatherings were held in other towns across the region, like l’Eliana, where members of the feminist group Lliure read out the name, age and place of death of 2021’s 35 victims, and as the heavens opened the town’s choir showed solidarity singing under the rain.

Benidorm’s councillor for equality, Ángela Zaragozí, reminded people that any woman feeling threatened can get help from specialists in dealing with domestic violence. She also recommended using the domestic violence helpline number, 016, where women can be attended in 52 languages and no trace of the call will appear on the phone bill, although deleting the call history on a mobile phone is advised.

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