Waste water testing shows covid-19 infections declining in Valencia

Analysis of Valencia’s waste water has shown that the levels of coronavirus present in the city are declining, despite increased movement of people early in September and the celebration of Las Fallas two weeks ago.

Throughout the pandemic the city’s waste water has been tested regularly thanks to an agreement between the Valencia-based water company Global Omnium and the city council, and it has given the authorities a head start, as the amount of coronavirus present in waste water acts as a precursor, pedicting where infections are going to spring up.

Councillor for the Integral Water Cycle, Elisa Valía, said that the figures, released on Tuesday, were very poititive because not only do they show the continuing trend towards reduction since the first days of August, but also that the reduction in just one week was much more pronouncd than had become habitual.

Valía said: “the data is optimistic because it shows that the increase in movement in Valencia in September, due to the return to work, the start of school classes and the celebration of Las Fallas has not brought with it an increase in the presence of the virus in our waste water.” She said that to confirm this scenario it would be necessary to see the results of next week’s waste water, although if there had been an impact, it would have been visible in this week’s sample.

Statue’s in Valencia’s Plaza de la Virgen with facemasks to encourage people to wear them. (Juan Alfonso)

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