Covid infections halve in two weeks

TWO weeks on from Valencia’s big party, Las Fallas, and infection rates from Covid-19 have more than halved.

Many were worried about what the consequences of celebrating Las Fallas in September would be, even with the restrictions that were in place at the time and the special measures brought in this year to avoid large crowds. However, two weeks since the end of the festivities and rather than increasing, coronavirus infection rates have dropped by more than half. This week there have been 1,796 new cases reported, compared to two weeks ago when there were 4,206. Hospital admission rates have also dropped significantly: as of Friday there were 227 people being treated for coronavirus in the region’s hospitals, compared to 345 two weeks ago, and likewise there were 52 needing intensive care treatment, compared to 92 two weeks ago.

Furthermore, waste water studies show a decline in infection rates throughout the city.

Consequently, far fewer people have passed away from coronavirus, 20 deaths in the past seven days, as well as one recorded that occurred in June and another from August. Two weeks ago there were twice as many deaths registered, 44.

Given that the nighttime curfew has been lifted, along with the easing of many other restrictions the only possible explanation must be the effectiveness of vaccination. The health department announced on Thursday that 86.13% of the population aged over 12 are now fully vaccinated. This means they have had both doses of one vaccine, the single-dose Janssen vaccine or having tested positive for coronavirus subsequently received a single dose of one of the vaccines.

Anyone who has not yet been vaccinated can still turn up at any vaccine centre without an appointment and get a jab. At the end of the month the vaccine programme will be wound up and vaccinations will be given at an individual’s health centre.

Meanwhile there has been an agreement this week between the regional governments and the Spanish Health Minister, Carolina Darias, about giving a third dose, or booster jab, to elderly care home residents, from 4 October.

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