PP blames City Council as Valencia pulls out of running to host America’s Cup

The Real Club Náutico de Valencia has withdrawn its candidacy to host the 37th America’s Cup, despite making it to the final three last week, along with Cork in Ireland and Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. In a statement, those responsible for promoting the Valencian candidacy said that “the different sides could not align their mutual interests”.

But according to the PP (Popular Party) the blame lies firmly at the doors of the City Council and the regional government. Spokesperson for PP, María José Catalá said, on Saturday, that it was because of a lack of support from the Valencian institutions. She accused Valencia’s mayor Joan Ribó, and the regional president, Ximo Puig, of leaving Valencia without a future opportunity, which could have brought possible economic growth to many sectors of the city.

She said: “It’s disgraceful that the president of all Valencians has, once again, not made the effort to look for a solution, and the whole region has to pay for his lack of leadership.”

She was certain that neither Madrid, Barcelona or other Spanish capitals would have let this opportunity escape them, but in Valencia she said, “we have leaders without ambition, without a vision for the future and without a desire to work.”

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