Long-awaited Fallas comes to an end

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that Valencians know how to put on a party in Fallas. And this year was just a taste of what Fallas really is.

From the lively music, and spectacular monuments, to the exquisite outfits and the bone-shaking fireworks displays, there are so many aspects to this UNESCO-recognised festival.

On Sunday, the last day of the festivities in this atypical September Fallas, the atmosphere was one of fiesta, with spectators a mixture of locals and tourists. The crowds were as full as any normal March Fallas, making social distancing pretty non-existent with spectators vying to get a good view of the cremá (the burning of the sculptures), and only about half the audience wearing facemasks. The music bands played as usual, as the monuments went up in flames. As usual the falleras cried, sad that the festival is over for another year, but this time it will be back in just six months, by which time, who knows, we may be back to “normal”. So, if you found this dumbed-down version of Las Fallas a bit too noisy, it might be time to start planning a mini-break for mid-March 2022.

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