First day of the Ofrenda

BRAVING the afternoon heat, the most dedicated falleros took part in the first day of the Ofrenda on Friday wallking through quiet, empty streets to reach La Plaza de la Virgen.

There were noticeably fewer falleros than normal. Some people are still away, enjoying the final days of the school holidays, while others, during the 18 months of the pandemic have unenrolled from their falla. Although the main reason keeping people away was the heat; the layers of petticoats topped with a heavy printed fabric and a lined, fitted bodice is enough to make one faint even in the cooler March weather but under the hot September sun it requires a certain dedication.

A fallera with a sprained foot determined not to miss the Ofrenda
Falleras taking their flowers to offer to the Virgen
Falleros processing through the Mercado Colón

There were some tourists, but far from the numbers which usually line the narrow streets, applauding the falleros as they walk by, and the final part of the processions through the narrowest part of the old town were closed to visitors to avoid large crowds gathering.

Throughout the city the usual stands have been set up along the streets selling the traditional churros and buñuelos with chocolate, but frankly, an iced lemon slushy is far more appealing right now.

Flowers being delivered to the Virgen (Junta Central Fallera)

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