Flooding in Benicàssim

Firefigheters in a flooded garage in Benicàssim (Diputació de Castelló)

GARAGES and basements were flooded as water rose waist high in the popular holiday town of Benicàssim, following a two-hour torrential downpour on Sunday morning.

In some parts there was such heavy rain that it reached 155,4 litres per square metre in just two hours, 30% of the town’s average annual rainfall, according to the pluviometer of the Benicássim meteorological observer.

More than 50 firefighters attended the town where three people had to be rescued after becoming trapped in their car. An elderly couple also had to be rescued from their home, and the N.340 had to be closed between km 982 and 990.

Firefighters were also involvled in pumpng out flooded buildings and vehicles which were floating in the floodwaters.

Firefighters pump out flood water in Benicàssim (Diputació de Castelló).

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