Violet Against Violence

DURING the Fallas celebrations, which this year will be held from 1 to 5 September, there will be six purple points or Puntos Violetas with the aim of preventing acts of sexual aggresssion. The stands which will be set up across the city, will be manned from 7pm to 1am, to comply with the curfew rules. They were also present in the city during previous Fallas celebrations as well as 23 June, the celebration of the eve of San Juan and New Year’s Eve.

The plan was announced on Wednesday by the city council, and councillor for equality, Lucía Beamud explained: “The Puntos Violetas are useful spaces to transmit an anti machista message to the wider society, as well as establishing immediate and accessible channels to report (aggressions) and to help victims.”

The location of the six stands will be: Plaza del Ayuntamiento (behind the fountain, opposite the Rialto Theatre building), Plaza del Tossal, Plaza del Doctor Landete (next to to the San Valero church), Plaza de Cánovas, Paseo Marítimo (close to the Hotel Neptuno) and in Avenida Blasco Ibañez (at the junction with Calle Manuel Candela).

Purple Points to combat sexual violence to be set up throughout Valencia during Fallas (Ayto Valencia)

Meanwhile, Benidorm’s city council held a minute’s silence on Wednesday following the confirmaton that a woman killed in Navarra on 7 July was a victim of domestic violence. The 43-year-old was shot by her expartner and ex-brother-in-law in front of her children, aged five and nine. This brings the total of women killed so far this year to 33.

The council recommends that anyone who suspects a case of domestic abuse or is suffering domestic violence themself can call the freephone number 016 which is manned 365 days a year and can be attended in 52 languages. The number leaves no trace on a telephone bill, although erasing it from the call log is recommended.

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